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Best Northwest registered agent


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What Is A Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a person or an organization that is designated to receive service of process, including lawsuits and notices of lawsuits, on behalf of a business or a business entity. A registered agent must have a physical street address in the state of the entity’s domiciliation.

Keypoint to know regarding a registered Agent

  1.  A registered agent is an entity, like a person, or organization that is designated to accept legal correspondence on behalf of your business.”
  2.  Examples: A corporation, LLC, Limited Liability Company, partnership, organization, or any other legal entity.
  3.  The registered agent must be available during normal business hours to accept legal documents, and must report these legal documents to the business.
  4.  The registered agent must also have a physical street address, but need not be a place of business.
  5. Many business owners are surprised to learn that they do not have to appoint a registered agent unless they operate a sole proprietorship, partnership, or Limited Liability Company.
  6.  A registered agent’s address is required on all business licenses and permits, including business tax ID applications.
  7.  A registered agent’s address is also required on any business contracts, including commercial leases, and on any

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